NAIPR is the trade association of more than 200 commission sales reps and 500 publishers and other Associate Members.

Objectives of NAIPR

The purpose of NAIPR is:

  • To promote the best interests and welfare of its members;
  • To bring about closer relationships between publishers, booksellers, wholesalers, and independent sales representatives;
  • To educate potential customers and publishers to the advantages of doing business with independent sales representatives;
  • To institute and maintain an education program for the members;
  • To exchange pertinent information, ideas, plans and programs helpful to the members.


Above The Treeline Partners With NAIPR to Add Frontlist Plus Universal ™ to Edelweiss

March 9, 2012 (Ann Arbor, MI) — Above the Treeline is pleased to announce a new cooperative venture with the National Association of Independent Publishers Representatives (NAIPR). Under the agreement, NAIPR’s Frontline Plus Universal service will be made accessible within Above the Treeline Edelweiss service, and new Edelweiss service levels will be made available for Frontlist Plus Universal publishers.

“We’re really excited to partner with NAIPR on what is a common mission—to help publishers, sales reps, and booksellers become more efficient in the process of getting the right books in their customers’ hands,” said John Rubin, founder and CEO of Above the Treeline. “The different NAIPR service levels will allow publishers who might not need the full Edelweiss service or the full Edelweiss service for every title to participate at the level they need.”

Frontlist Plus Universal files will be made available for download on the Edelweiss website this Fall 2012 selling season, as the first step toward integrating the two products. In the near future, publishers will have the ability to upgrade their Frontlist Plus Universal service to allow NAIPR reps to create marked-up catalogs for their accounts and for retailers to integrate publisher titles into their Edelweiss orders.

Bob Rooney, executive director of NAIPR, states, “This new agreement allows NAIPR to continue to keep faith with our members, our participating publishers, and our independent booksellers. Having Frontlist Plus Universal integrated into the leading metadata management and distribution product, Edelweiss, is a great opportunity for everyone in the bookselling chain―publishers, independent reps, and booksellers―to benefit. Introducing new levels of service within Edelweiss allows publishers to participate at the levels they see fit on a title-by-title basis and to control costs as we move to an ever-greater digital transfer of information.”

For more information, please contact Bob Rooney at NAIPR or John Rubin at Above the Treeline.

About Edelweiss / Above the Treeline

Edelweiss was formally launched in May of 2009 by Above the Treeline, LLC, and has since seen rapid and widespread adoption within the publishing community. Edelweiss helps publishers improve catalog accuracy, reduce catalog costs, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order titles, and download advanced review copies for thousands of book-industry professionals. Over 1,200 imprints are represented in Edelweiss from a range of publishers, including the top 15 U.S. trade publishers.


For more than 22 years, NAIPR has been dedicated to furthering the interests of NAIPR members, publishers, and booksellers. Frontlist Plus Universal™, which started as Frontlist on Floppy in 1990, has been an important source of new bibliographic data for booksellers and has facilitated collecting frontlist orders for publishers who use independent commission reps. NAIPR remains committed to furthering the best interests of publishers, booksellers, and its members in the 21st century.