Annual Meeting

May 16 2018

NAIPR annual meeting

Last Sunday, May 4th, saw the required annual meeting of NAIPR held at The Mayflower Hotel in New York City. While a legal quorum was present (basically, whoever shows up for the general meeting and at least three for the Directors’ meeting), attendance was disappointing, to say the least. A handsome cold buffet was set up and barely touched. Before the attendees left, ‘doggy bags’ were supplied, and those who were so inclined took home some of the leftovers. At the suggestion and firm insistence of Nancy Suib, the remainder was promised to be delivered to a local food distributor to the needy.

It was clear that new times demand new ideas, and so you can expect to be asked some cosmic questions in the future regarding various activities, questions such as what would be required to get you interested in attending NAIPR meetings. Rest assured that this will be the last buffet-supper meeting.

There was some information presented that not everyone may already be aware of. Most of you are already aware of the retirement of Chuck Erickson, Board member. It was also announced that Randy Spurgin and Sara Sinclair have decided to leave the book business, at least for a while.

There was some sentiment that this newsletter provides a cohesive element to a diverse group. It was also felt that it would be strengthened by greater participation. After all, Eric Miller and I have just so much to contribute usefully.

  • What was your experience with this Spring’s sales meetings.
  • Have you, like most people, returned to December meetings scheduled for the next several years?
  • Should the next NAIPR meeting be on Sunday, December 7th, and should it be strictly a relaxing social affair (e.g., cash bar)?
  • How can we persuade some of your client publishers to attend?

It would be wonderful to hear from you.

Wes Caliger honored

Publishers Weekly has named Wes Caliger its Rep of the Year. In a two-page article in the May 5th issue, it was announced that an eight-person panel of judges selected Wes for this signal honor, taking into consideration both his 42 years of experience and his great abilities in promoting and selling books as well as in solving problems for publishers and for bookstores alike.

If you haven’t seen the article, you should. It will make you proud of your association with such bright and devoted people. Wes works with Heinecken & Associates in the Midwest.

BEA coming soon

BookExpo America 2003 in Los Angeles is only about three weeks away. NAIPR’s booth, 3542, is, as always, available for your use during the convention if you need a meeting place.

Your hosts this year will be Devin and Lori Matlock, who have agreed to attend the booth. Please look in on them and welcome them. If you ordered them on time, your badges are in the mail, if you haven’t already received them.