BookExpo America and Meeting in NYC

May 16 2018

BookExpo America

Soon the excitement of BookExpo America will begin. With exhibits open from June 4th through June 6th at McCormick Place on Chicago’s waterfront, the book publishing industry will once again kick off a new season. We are given to understand that over a thousand exhibitors will be there, and so it would be a very good idea to get plenty of rest the week before.

NAIPR will, of course, have a booth: number 2778. It is conveniently between the escalators and Bea’s Cook Nook. Ah, location, location, location!

As ever, you are more than welcome to make the booth your campsite in this incredible forest of books and associated materials. If you will read the next section of this newsletter, you will understand that we really urge you to come by and share ideas and opinions.

We need input, and there is really no better place to get it than BEA, where almost everyone is present at some time.

NAIPUR meeting in NYC

As you know, Monday, May 3rd, was the day selected to have our semi-annual meeting in New York City. It was held as scheduled in the very handsome 12th floor suite of The Mayflower Hotel. It might just as well have been held in a single room at the Motel 6, considering the attendance; but you will be pleased to know that all persons on the ballot were elected.

As far as participation and quality of ideas are concerned, however, it would have to go down as one of the better meetings in recent history. It is clear that we have a lot to think about in the way of new ideas, new directions in representation, and the like. But there was much emphasis during the meeting on ways that NAIPR can support those directions in which individual members wish to go.

There has been a great deal of discussion . . . from us . . . about methods, attitudes, and techniques. The feeling was strong that these are matters best left to the Groups themselves; and that NAIPR as an organization should concern itself with broader concepts that more nearly touch upon the pivotal point where publishers, independent reps, and booksellers are all parts of a larger community.

The net result was that our own Nancy Suib was asked to, and graciously consented to, form a committee to seek out ideas for the expansion of interests of NAIPR.

It is clearly understood that this is to be an action committee: in some ways, the better term might be task force.We discussed such things as supporting appropriate charitable foundations, overall literacy, books for kids, books for prisons, and the like. We are at last in a financial position such that we can consider modest investments of time and money in furthering the exciting world of ideas which we represent.

The key issue here is that we very much need your ideas via your input. That is a major reason we urge you to stop by Booth 2778 and talk to us. It is time to move up a step!