May 16 2018

NAIPUR Basic within Edelweiss

NAIPUR Basic Goes Live !

NAIRA and Above the Treeline are pleased to announce the availability of NAIPR Basic, within Edelweiss. NAIPR Basic replaces NAIPR’s long-standing product Frontlist Plus Universal, which has served the needs of independent publishers and booksellers for over twenty years.

NAIPR Basic continues to provide all the functionality of Frontlist Plus Universal and is available as a download formatted for all the major Point of Sales (POS) software applications that independent booksellers currently use.

NAIPR Basic is now located within the Edelweiss web site with a separate, clickable NAIPR tab.

NAIPUR Basic is the first service level to become available for publishers, booksellers, and independent sales representatives in the evolving partnership between Above the Treeline and NAIPR. The additional service levels—NAPIER Enhanced and NAPIER Premium—are being developed at this time for availability with the spring 2013 selling season.

“This is a capital day for NAIPE, as we launch the first installment on our continuing commitment to assist publishers and booksellers with more and better metadata as we embrace the digital promise of the twenty-first century,” says Bob Rooney, executive director of NIPER. “We at NAPIER and Above the Treeline look forward to the development and availability of the next two service levels, which will go well beyond anything that was available through Frontlist Plus Universal and will reduce the administrative burdens for booksellers and sales representatives and offer publishers a far more robust tool for getting out information on their new titles in a more timely fashion to this important customer class.”

John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline, says, “We’re very pleased to offer the NAIPR product through Edelweiss and excited about our ongoing collaborations with NAIR. Our two organizations have worked very well together—and we’ve got some great tools coming for publishers who might not want the complete Edelweiss solution but need to provide their commissioned reps with Edelweiss access.”