Election and Meeting

May 16 2018

Meeting and Elections of New Set of Officers

NAIPR’s next meeting, as you know, is set for Monday, May 3, in Room 1203 of The Mayflower Hotel at 61st and Central Park West.

It will begin at 6:30 PM and will center around the election of officers. A ballot will be sent to you soon, again one that can be filled out, folded, and returned postage-free. Please do so as expeditiously as possible so that your vote will count.

There is still one position for which we do not have a volunteer: that of Member-at-Large of the Board of Directors. As you can tell from the title, that person can be from any part of the country. Would you please think about it and volunteer to have your name on the ballot? It is an honor, looking good on your resume, and requires only a tiny investment of time. Any Rep Member in good standing (i.e., dues-paid) is eligible

Mark Follstad

Publisher’s Reps in Global Perspective

As Americans and NAIPR members go to the polls to elect their leaders this year it’s a good time to reflect on the term ahead and think critically about how we can all improve ourselves as constituents.

I encourage all NAIPR members not only to vote and support your colleagues, but also to regularly attend membership meetings in New York City and become actively involved in the life and work of our vital and thriving organization.

We have a cross-section of really talented and creative individuals in our group and it is my hope that we can put these varied resources to good work for the common good of all members. Let me now take this opportunity to throw out some varied and wide-ranging ideas that could possibly be put in place in the term ahead, given membership interest.

  •  A NAIPR Hall of Fame to honor the lifetime achievements of long-serving reps, and to fondly remember those colorful men and women who came before us;
  • an ongoing oral history project aimed at interviewing old reps and buyers who have dealt with them on a regular basis, for posterity;
  •  outreach committees to be set up in some or all of the sales territories for the purpose of networking with regional bookseller associations and chambers of commerce in key cities to promote independent reps and the lines they carry;
  •  establish an annual All-NAIPUR Independent Press Book Award to be chosen by a select committee of NAIPR members, and then read by the entire membership in a kind of NAIPR READS program, similar to the ones promoted by cities like Chicago and Milwaukee;
  •  form NAIPR book discussion groups on the web and organize periodic meet-the-author events at the membership meetings.

If members have any interest in these ideas and want to get involved in making them come to pass, please reply to this e-mail. Perhaps readers have other ideas or comments about ways for NAIPR to expand its horizons over the next two-year term and we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for all your support and feedback over the past term and here’s to a bright and creative future for our grand Association.

Eric Miller
President, NAIR