May 16 2018

NAIPR Frontlist-on-Floppy [FRF] Program

Every season NAIR contracts with WordStock to prepare IBID and WordStock Frontlist-On-Floppy (FRF) diskettes for booksellers.
Essential data on all new titles of the season for each publisher are listed in order of catalog presentation.

Rep groups select the publishers to be included on their diskettes. They pay $3.00 each for these custom-prepared diskettes.

Publishers are asked to supply new title information and pay a single $3.00 fee for each of their new season’s ISBNs to offset the WordStock charge for data entry.

Reps supply booksellers with diskettes, machine readable for their computerized inventory control systems, free of charge.

For Fall 2000, 50 selling groups bought 1,473 diskettes listing the titles of their publishers. 255 publishers participated, and 14,568 Fall titles were presented on diskette to over 2,000 independent booksellers.

We would like to thank cooperating publishers for their helpful assistance in providing catalog data directly to WordStock. It has aided us greatly to speed up our processing and provide disks to reps in a timely manner. The extra effort on the part of publishers to get this information to us early is much appreciated.

Billings for data entry to cover the charges NAIPR pays to WordStock for this service are sent to publishers in February and July.

NAIPR welcomes suggestions from publishers on ways to make this service more useful.