Meeting with the Board

May 16 2018

May Board & membership meetings

As scheduled, the NAIPR Board of Directors met at The Williams Club prior to the membership get-together for discussion of various topics. Chief among them was consideration of the move toward November, rather than December, sales meetings with publishers. With this and other matters chaired by incoming President Eric Miller, there was a clear consensus: we need to move toward this change with all possible speed.

It is the intention of the Board to survey both the regular and the associate membership to see what impediments may be in the way and to seek solutions. Plan to hear a great deal more over the coming months about moving sales meetings.

For the first time in a long time, the membership meeting was an informal social gathering rather than a classroom-style formal meeting. Well-attended, the meeting was in a connected pair of rooms including a cash bar and a constant passing around of good snacks by a well-trained Club staff. While the intention is to have this kind of meeting only from time to time, everyone had a fine time chatting with friends and circulating about the group.

Next meetings

For purposes of your calendar, the next meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, December 2, 2001, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM in NYC. (Venue to follow.) The next Spring meeting is to be on Sunday, May 5th, also in NYC. The reason for that specific date is, of course, that BEA will be from May 3rd to 5th at the Javits Center in NY. With publisher meetings both before and after, the timing is the least interfering and should allow the highest attendance.

BookExpo America

The last of the preparations for the BEA meeting in Chicago June 1st through 3rd have now been made. You should all have received the badges you ordered by this time. It should be noted that those inane (or is it insane?) addresses included DO NOT appear on the badges themselves. One can only pray that by some miracle Reed Exposition Companies will one day do everything right. Personally, I’m not holding my breath. NAPIER’s booth # 4322 is right in the middle of things this year. Hosting for NAIPR will be Jonathan Mack, a highly-recommended bookstore person and graduate student from Chicago. It would be nice if you could manage to stop by and say hello to Jonathan and to Eric, perhaps even lending a hand briefly.

The booklets that needed it have been updated and reprinted and will be available for the taking at the booth. Help yourselves as needed.

Sales meetings Task Force

There has been a very recent change on this front. Jim Walsh, who initiated and chaired the start of this effort to move the dates of sales meetings, has announced his decision to change the direction of his professional efforts, although he will continue to be a member of NAIPR. By the greatest good fortune, Ted Heinecken has agreed to take over the chairmanship. It is reasonable to anticipate that not a beat will be lost in the orchestration therefore. Ted has long been a proponent of such a change and will be certain to lend his experience and abilities successfully to the effort.

And finally: A very Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day.