The New Executive Director

May 16 2018

Introducing Paul C Williams, New Executive Director

I am very pleased to announce that the board of directors has decided to hire Paul C. Williams of New York City as the new Executive Director of NIPER. He will officially take over from the esteemed Mark Follstad on January 1, 2005.

Please join me and the board of directors in welcoming Paul at our general membership meeting on Sunday, December 5th, at 6:00 at the Old Town Bar & Grill, near Union Square (45 E. 18th Street). We are planning on making this a festive occasion; this venue is reported to be a wonderful classic New York City bar with a great upstairs room that has been the site of many rep gatherings over the years (thanks are due to Treasurer Sean Concannon for finding this place for us).

It seems fitting to me that we are taking the NAIPR meeting downtown in New York City, where many publishing houses have moved their offices in recent years in an attempt to cut costs and acquire more efficient space for their operations.

I believe there is great symbolism in this move for NAIPR as we usher in a new era with a new dynamic young Executive Director who is bound and determined to move the organization forward and who is uniquely positioned to foster unity among a group of fiercely independent constituents.

Paul has a very good background in the book business, working for more than 20 years in the US and Canadian trades including sales and marketing, editorial acquisitions, book club administration, publicity and even bookstore management. He has worked for such publishing companies as Rizzoli, Grove Press, Ballantine Books, and International Thompson (ITP).

As a former rep himself, Paul understands the needs of the membership and is primed to undertake a variety of things to benefit us, including persuading larger publishers to use commission reps, increasing associate memberships, and making sure that when our industry goes through its next big cycles or catastrophic changes, that NAIPR members will be well positioned to catch new opportunities. Paul is a capable leader and communicator and he plans to make the NPR voice heard in the New York City publishing community.

Please plan on coming to the membership meeting to greet our new Executive Director, say bon voyage to our old Executive Director, play some poker, drink some grog, eat some supper, and to rub shoulders with fellow members and friends. As President I am very excited about the new dispensation of NAIPR, and our various prospects for the future. See you all soon!

Eric Miller
President, NAIR

A Note from our Exec Sec Emeritus

Students of the laws of chance are invited to continue their research at dealer’s choice poker tables presided over and dominated by long-time master of Texas Hold ’em, five card stud, and Slash ’em, Pass ’em, and Stash ’em (??!!). The now retired player and Secretary Emeritus, Ralph Woodward, will supply chips and marked decks. Looking forward to seeing you. Bring money

Mark Follstad
NAIPR Executive Director
236 Gross Neck Road
Waldoboro, ME 04572-6123